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The Huddersfield Giants

Giants squad

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Under construction.  When i make a player profile i will add it! Keep checking back for player profiles! any injuries the players have will also be stated at the side of his name!
Jim Gannon - had knee surgery, expected to return late april!
New signings!!
Albert Torrens - Knee ligament injury, out for the season!!

Giants Squad Numbers Announced
Giants Squad Numbers Announced
Giants Squad Numbers 2006

1. Paul Reilly
2. Martin Aspinwall
3. James Evans
4. Michael De Vere
5. Stuart Donlan
6. Chris Thorman
7. Robbie Paul
8. Eorl Crabtree
9. Brad Drew
10. Jim Gannon
11. Chris Nero
12. Steve Snitch
13. Stephen Wild
14. Stuart Jones
15. Paul Jackson
16. Paul March
17. Paul Smith
18. Wayne McDonald
19. Jon Grayshon
20. Andy Raleigh
21. Mat Gardner
22. Albert Torrens
23. Tom Hemingway
24. Bolu Fagborun
25. Simon George

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