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The Huddersfield Giants

Jonathan Grayshon

 Jonathan GrayshonJonathan Grayshon

Position – Prop/Second row
Rep Honours – BARLA U18s representative
Weight – 110 kilograms
Height – 198 cm

Jonathon is a promising young forward who broke into the Giants first team towards the back end of 2003. The 2005 season saw him become a regular in the first team where he put in some top performances. A huge player and deceptively quick and skilful for his size, he will be looking for another season of improvement in 2006.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date? Dad

Who is the best player you have played with? Chris Thorman - He's a hunk

And the toughest opponent played against? Joe Vangana

What is your favourite Super League away ground? JJB Stadium

What would you be if you weren't a Rugby League player? Graphic designer or Property Developer

What are your plans after you have finished your playing career? Retire / Property Developer

Who is the best and worst dresser at the club? Best - Stu Jones and his smoking jackets, Worst - Stevie Snitch A.K.A 'The Chav'

Funniest thing seen on a rugby field? Jim Gannon trying to stand up after being knocked out. Or Wayne McDonald's gut.

What is your greatest fear? A roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris

What is your favourite film? Goodfellas

Favourite holiday destination? Mexico

Ideal car? Jimmy Evans White Ford Escort (A.K.A 'The Snow Leapord')

Favourite TV programme? 24

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