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The Huddersfield Giants

De vere possible return!

Michael De Vere De vere!

It has been rumored that the injured michael De vere could return for the Giants clash with the Leigh centurions. De vere was supposed to be out for the rest of the season with a broken hand but he is determined to get back on the pitch with the squad and help them get up to 6th place.
If he isnt cleared to play against leigh he will be trying his hardest to get back on the pitch as soon as possible, first against Leigh, then the break for the challenge cup final then London. He could be back at any time within the next few weeks.
De vere went out injured a couple of months ago after banging his hand off a players head and that caused the brake in his hand. He was suppose to be out all season but he could be back before we know it.
COME ON!!!!!

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